Smartphone HUD Projector
Smartphone HUD Projector
Smartphone HUD Projector
Smartphone HUD Projector
Smartphone HUD Projector
Smartphone HUD Projector

Smartphone HUD Projector

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Does your GPS get in the way, does it obstruct your view? Well, its a very common problem and now we have something for you where that problem will be abolished. This very unique product allows your smartphone screen to be projected onto your windscreen so there is no long an obstruction. Just allowing for a very clear view and improved driving capabilities.


-Glass transparent visual design, does not affect the driver's perspective. Flat-screen projection of navigation information, eliminating the need to look down at the navigation, driving safer.
-HUD is compatible with any smartphone, it is convenient.

-Use of hardened glass, firmly, to prevent scratches.
-Clear glass, stylish and exquisite, can be used as a mirror or decoration when not in use.

Instructions for use;

- Choose an appropriate place on the car instrument panel, and stick the black non-slip mat on the place you want, then put the holder on the non-slip mat
- Tear off the protection film and protection paper card on the two side of organic glass board
- Stick the transparent reflection film on the inside of the organic glass board
- Take off the protection film on the surface, and put the phone on the surface of the holder and adjusting the organic glass board to appropriate angle according to individual visual angle ( usually visual angle is 45 degree )
- Starting your car after opening the mobile navigation APP and setting the proper route ( now most of the navigation systems contain a reflection mode )

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