The Golf Ball Spotter
The Golf Ball Spotter
The Golf Ball Spotter
The Golf Ball Spotter

The Golf Ball Spotter

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Take a minute to sit there and think, how many golf balls do you lose every time you play golf? Well now you can completely eradicate that problem for good!

NY Times estimates that the average American lose 300 million golf balls per year, totalling $1.2 Billion Dollars! For example, if you played 3 times a month and lost 2 balls each time, thats roughly $250 annually.

Now here comes the real value. Imagine how many other golfers lose their golf balls. You literally have an endless supply of golf balls at your disposal. You'll never have to buy a golf ball again!!

  • When wearing the glasses, everything turns blue except golf balls
  • Comes with a protective case which clips to your bag
  • Works with every kind of golf ball
  • Find balls in grass, sand, shallow-water and over-growth

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