Speed Pipes™
Speed Pipes™
Speed Pipes™
Speed Pipes™
Speed Pipes™

Speed Pipes™

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Speed Pipes is the first ever toy where vehicles speed through pipes instead of on top of tracks. The vehicles are so powerful that they can climb up the pipes!
Connect the blue, transparent pipes any way you want to create the ultimate track. And don't worry about the conventional race-track limitations. With Speed Pipes, ANYTHING is possible.

Make the tracks go straight, around, up, down, over, upside down – Any way you can imagine. Then, drop the vehicle into the pipe, close it up, and get ready to race.
Easy To Connect Trio
Three! Two! One! GO! – Push the button on the remote control and immediately the vehicle starts racing like lightning around and around the topsy turvy turns of the winding connected pipes.

Not for a moment does it ever slow down – Not even when it's going straight up skyward!

And all the while, flashing lights enhance the excitement when you make the room go dark. Throw in the included strobe ball and you're in for an intense light-show adventure!
Glow in The Dark Trio
Our vehicles go so fast that they can climb up the pipes and go in all sorts of crazy directions. Who can build the craziest and fastest pipe paths?
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Our tracks are designed to glow in the dark, so turn of the lights and created an awesome light show! The illuminated vehicle is RC and the included strobe ball flashes in brilliant colors which makes things even more exciting.

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